Aviation English

Aviation English or ICAO English - this is a colloquial name of the FCL.055 requirement for the language proficiency of pilots.

Among the other services we provide also language proficiency assessment. Aviation English is a qualification that is as important to the pilot as a valid type rating a valid medical certificate. Therefore, as part of our services, we provide ICAO English as an ad-hoc services. The language proficiency assessment can be done in as less as 24 hours.

Thanks to our cooperation with Aero Language upon the ICAO English exam completion, you will receive by email

  • language proficiency certificate
  • temporary language proficiency certificate
  • logbook confirmation certificate

ICAO English validity

Upon successful completion of the language proficiency assessment test, the language proficiency qualification is valid as follows:

  • ICAO English level 4 valid 4 years
  • ICAO English level 5 valid 6 years
  • ICAO English level 6 valid permanently

It should be noted that in this case ICAO English is the equivalent of EASA English. It is therefore a language proficiency according to both regulations - ICAO Doc 9835, as well as Regulation 1178/2011, Part FCL.

ICAO Englsih