This service maight be interesting for you if you are looking for a TRI C525 instructor to provide differences training to another and different variant of currently operated Cessna 525. In other words - if you already have type rating on Cessna 525 and you want to fly on another variant.

✅ Differences training Cessna C525 Citation

The Cessna 525 type rating is endorsed in the flight crew license as C525. In accordance with EASA typeratings endorsement list the C525 type rating endorsement allows you to fly on all variants of the Cessna 525 aircraft constituted into the common C525 license entry. The common license endorsement allows you to fly on following C525 variants:

  • Cessna C525 Citation Jet (CJ)
  • Cessna C525 Citation (CJ1 and CJ1+)
  • Cessna C525A Citation (CJ2 and CJ2+)
  • Cessna C525B Citation (CJ3 and CJ3+)
  • Cessna C525C Citation (CJ4)
  • Cessna C525 Citation M2

What is the snag... ✅

As a holder of freshly endorsed C525 type rating, you can only fly on a variant of Cessna ťľť that has been used for the skill test with TRE C525. However, if you need to fly on another variant of the Cessna 525 series, additional training is required. This flight training is determined by the flight school considering following:

  • differences level (e.g. if you fly CJ1 and want to fly CJ4)
  • previous experience
  • Operational Suitability Data recommendations

C525 differences training scope

Differences training to another Cessna 525 variant is done considering the differences level among the variants.

Generally EASA establishes so-called differences training and familiarization training when transitioning from one variant to another. As the individual variants have been defined by EASA in its EASA type rating endorsement list, it can generally be said that when transitioning from one Cessna 525 variant to another:

  • aircraft separated by a horizontal line in the tables require differences training
  • aircraft which are contained in the same cell require familiarisation 

Cessna C525 Citation typerating variants

C525 Differences training ✅ 

When talking about differences training, you need to gain additional experience. You can get these, for example, on the Cessna C525 Citation simulator, or during LIFUS line training directly in the Cessna C525 Citation.

C525 Familiarization training ✅

Familiarization training is the acquisition of additional knowledge without the need for flight training or training in a simulator.  Self-study or theoretical knowledge instruction with an instructor, or the use of computer-based training are acceptable means of the training.

Master Differences Requirements C525

Master Differences Requirements tables for the Cessna 525 variants are shown below. 

Differences training - Cessna 525 Citation

Training at Level A assumes that crew members receive exposure to operation of doors / emergency exits on a static Cessna 525 aircraft or by other suitable means.

Differences training from the CJ /CJ1 / CJ2 to the M2 or CJ3+ and from the M2 or CJ3+ to any other Cessna 525 variants have not been evaluated by an EASA OSD C525.

  • Level D currency refers to the separate recent experience requirements when operating both the CJ and the CJ4, as described in this document.
  • Level D currency refers to the route sector currency requirements when operating the M2 or CJ3+ with any other Cessna 525variants, as described in this document.
  • Differences levels between Cessna 525 M2 and Cessna 525 CJ3+ are for rudder bias / performance
  • A/A/B accounts for optional equipment installed.

Considering the identified differences, it is usually necessary to attend the line training - LIFUS when operating in commercial air transport. Its scope and number of line sectors is usually always individual and is contained in the Operations Manual, Part D.

Multiple differences C525

When a pilot receives differences training in more than one variant of Cessna 525, that pilot must receive at least one complete differences course from a base aircraft to a variant. Additional training will be required as necessary to cover the differences that are unique from the base model to other variants. When differences that were previously taught during a differences course for one variant are the same as for an additional variant of Cessna 525, that material need not be repeated. However, any examination or checking requirements associated to the differences training must be met.

Differences training validity

Differences training, to different Cessna 525 variant is valid 2 years since the last flight on that particular variant (FCL.710(b)). E.g. if you have flown CJ3 more than 2 years ago while still operating CJ2, you would need to undergo the additional differences training before resuming the duty on CJ3.

Differences training Cessna 525