This service may be interesting for flight schools if you are looking for a freelance TRI CL30 instructor who can provide training towards the TRI Certificate on Challenger 300 & 350.

TRI Challenger 300 & 350 series ✅ training scheme

Type rating instructor - TRI Challenger 300 & 350 CL30 Series training can be provided by flight school only. The training consists of following areas in accordance with FCL.910.TRI(a):

  • Part 1: Teaching and learning - 25 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction
  • Part 2: Technical training - 10 hours - training is complementary to Part 3
  • Part 3: Flight Training - 10 hours in simulator representing Challenger 300 or 350

Upon the completion of TRI CL30 training, it is necessary to attend the TRI assessment of competence with the TRE CL30. Since the simulators representing the specific CL30 varaitns are available, the assessment of competence is performed in a simulator, its duration shall be at least 3 hours.  

TRI CL30 training is provided by senior TRI ⚠️

The TRI training for  CL30 can be provided in accordance with FCL.905.TRI(b) an instructor with an experience of at least 50 hours of instructional experience as a TRI or SFI in accordance with this Regulation or Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012. Assessment of competence towards type rating instructor - TRI for CL30 and its variants are provided by EASA TRE for Challenger 300 or 350.

TRI CL30 ✅ pre-requisites

General pre-requisite for the type rating instructor - TRI CL30 is to be a holder of either Airline Transport Pilot License - ATPL(A). Being a holder of Commercial Pilot License - CPL(A) is acceptable in case if the TRI CL30 privileges will be limited to the FSTD only. In addition you have to be a holder of valid Challenger 300 or 350 type rating and valid differences training for the particular variant of CL30.

Type rating instructor - TRI for Challenger 300 350 shall meet the requirements of FCL.915.TRI(b)(1) - it means to have at least 1500 hours in aeroplanes as a pilot.

✅ In addition FCL.915.TRI(b)(2) - within the 12 months preceding the date of application, 30 route sectors, including take-offs and landings, as PIC or co-pilot on Challenger CL30, of which 15 sectors may be completed in an FFS representing CL30.

TRI Bombardier CL30 ⭐ Privileges  ⭐ 

Type Rating InstructorTRI CL30 privileges are described in FCL.905.TRI. It is necessary to consider the privileges of TRI CL30 by the means of the training and checking delivery.

In general, the privileges of TRI CL30 are to provide the training:

  • for the issue, revalidation and renewal of type ratings for Challenger 300 or 350
  • single-pilot high performance complex aeroplanes when the applicant seeks privileges to operate in multi-pilot operations - this applies for the TRI who holds the instructional privileges for high-performance single pilot jets such as Cessna 525 or similar
  • MCC training;
  • the MPL course on the basic, intermediate and advanced phases, provided that, for the basic phase, they hold or have held an FI(A) or IRI(A) certificate.

Restricted TRI ➡️ Unrestricted TRI CL30

If the TRI training is carried out in FSTDs only, the privileges of TRI CL30 are restricted to training in FSTD representing the Challenger 300 or 350. In this case the privileges of TRI are so-called TRI-restricted. In this case it is equivalent of SFI CL30 privileges. The TRI restriction to FSTD shall be removed if TRI have completed an assessment of competence in the Challenger 300 350 aircraft with EASA TRE CL30.

✅ Eventhough the privileges of TRI are restricted, the restriction shall however include the following privileges for conducting, in the Challenger 300 350:

  • LIFUS, line training under supervision - TRI-Restricted CL30 /LIFUS
  • Landing Training, base training - TRI-Restricted CL30 /LT

TRI CL30 licence endorsement

In accordance with GM1 FCL.910.TRI the flight crew licence contains following information in case of restricted TRI Bombardier CL30:

  • flight training restricted to FSTD only: ‘TRI/r’ (r=restricted);
  • flight training restricted to LIFUS: TRI/r LIFUS (LIFUS = Line Flying under Supervision)
  • flight training restricted to base training: TRI/r LT (LT = landing training) 

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