This service may be of interest to you if you are looking for a freelance pilot to ferry your Cessna 525 series anywhere you need. If you are an airline, private operator, or leasing company and you are looking for a freelance pilot to ensure safety of your Cessna 525 aircraft during the ferry flight, this is the service for you.

Ferry the Cessna Citation anywhere ✈️

As a Ferry pilot for the Cessna 525, I am providing the delivery flightsferry flights and technical flights of the Cessna Citation aircraft constituting into the C525 type. I have an extensive experience with almost all variants constituting into the CE 525. I flew the Cessna 525 during low visibility, from short runways or to the airports requiring special authorizations. 

Simply I am Cessna 525 ferry pilot. This is a turnkey service - it means the complete ab-initio service of ferrying your aircraft to the required place. It begins with the comprehensive pre-flight planning and monitoring of the ferry flight. I stand behind our services - we provide them safely, efficiently and on-time. Thanks to our experience with different variants of the Cessna 525, we are able to take over and fly your CE 525 Series aircraft to the selected destination. 

Freelance ✅ ferry pilot ✈️ C525

Our ferry pilot services include all the services that are needed to fly your Citation to the specific location. Despite the complexity of services, our ferry flight team can guarantee that we will do everything to make your ferry flight safe and efficient. Our team works transparently and efficiently. That's why we can ensure the smooth delivery of the Cessna 525 aircraft to the place you need.

As a ferry pilot for the Cessna 525 I am holder of authorizations to fly the Cessna 552 in single-pilot and multi-pilot operation. This means significant savings on crew costs in the case of less complex flights. I am also an instructor on the Cessna 525. Thanks to this, it is possible to complete part of the training such as differences training or to re-gain the recency during the ferry flight.


Cessna 525 ferry flight planning

I can assure a professional approach of the C525 ferry pilot. Since we have comprehensive experience in business aviation in both - charter and owner operation, we know how important the on time performance and privacy. Therefore, we put special emphasis on flight planning of the Cessna 525 ferry flight.

We will plan the ferry flight and break it down into the smallest details. This also includes the application for the necessary permits, refueling schedules, customs clearance and many other necessary and important details, with which we will not bother you :)


Cessna Citation Ferry pilot