This service may be of interest to you if you are looking for a freelance pilot to ferry your Bombardier CRJ series anywhere you need. If you are an airline, private operator, or leasing company and you are looking for a freelance pilot to ensure safety of your CRJ aircraft during the ferry flight, this is the service for you.

Ferry the Bombardieru CRJ anywhere ✈️

As a Ferry pilot for the Bombardier CRJ, I am providing the delivery flightsferry flights and technical flights of the Bombardier aircraft constituting into the CL65 type. Simply I am Bombardier CRJ ferry pilot. This is a turnkey service - it means the complete ab-initio service of ferrying your aircraft to the required place. It begins with the comprehensive pre-flight planning and monitoring of the ferry flight. I stand behind our services - we provide them safely, efficiently and on-time. Thanks to our experience with different variants of the Bombardier CL65, we are able to take over and fly your CRJ Series aircraft to the selected destination.

Ferry Bombardier pilot ✅ turnkey ferry flight

We handle the technical flight, ferry flight or a delivery flight comprehensively as a package. As a Bombardier CRJ ferry pilots, most of us are also qualified as TRI CL65 instructors. It means we can provide the necessary route qualification training during the ferry flight or so-called supervised operational experience.

When we take over the Bombardier CRJ aircraft, it is possible to take a technicians on board the aircraft to carry-out so-called functional check flight. We will carry out the technical takeover of the aircraft and check its functionality as required.


Ferry pilot Bombardier CRJ