This service may be of interest to you if you are looking for a freelance pilot for the Bombardier CRJ series to cover your flights. If you are an airline or a private operator and you are looking for a ready-made CL65 pilot or even an instructor, this is the service for you.

Bombardier CL65 Freelancer

As a freelance CRJ pilot, I build on my previous experience with the Bombardier CRJ type. I have an experience with the operation of this great regional jetliner from different kinds of regions covering the landings on slippery and short runways to scheduled airline operation in high temperatures.

Therefore - whether it is a seasonal contract or just a one-time mission, as freelance pilot, I can assure the safety and reliability during the operation. In addition to short-term contracts and seasonal contracts, I do provide freelance pilot services on a Bombardier CRJ aircraft as well as various specific activities such as ferry flights or entry-into-service support. The most common type of cooperation is in the form of line operations - ie "normal" line ops of this great regional jet liner.

As freelance pilot, I am also happy to help with the introduction of the Bombardier CL65 into the fleet, or simply to fly the CRJ aircraft from point A to point B.

Freelance CL65 instructor

During the freelance cooperation contract, in addition to the line operations I will be happy to provide your company with the instructional activities on the Bombardier CRJ. As a freelance Bombardier CRJ pilot I am are also TRI CL65 instructor, which also includes the SFI CL65 privileges. I can therefore provide your company and pilots with following training activities towards the Bombardier CL65 type rating:

  • type rating training in simulator and checking
  • type rating instructor training / checking
  • type rating examiner training / checking
  • differences training to other variants
  • base training
  • line training (LIFUS) and line checking

Freelance TRE Bombardier CRJ Series

Besides being a Bombardier CRJ Series instructor I am also an examiner for the Bombardier CL65. Therefore, as a freelance pilot, I am also able to cover the short-term or long-term cooperation as a freelance CRJ TRE EASA examiner.

Freelance Regional Jet instructor