Technical training is Part 2 of TRI and SFI training

Technical training is required by so-called hard law in FCL.930.TRI(a)(2) and specified further by AMC1 FCL.930.TRI(b)(2). In terms of content, the technical training is identical for both TRI and SFI for the particular aircraft type.

The technical theoretical-knowledge instruction should comprise at least 10 hours of training to refresh Part-1 theoretical topics, as necessary, and aircraft technical knowledge. It should include preparation of lesson plans and development of briefing-room instructional skills. A proportion of the allotted 10 hours could be integrated into the practical flight instruction lessons of Part 3, using expanded preflight and postflight briefing sessions. Consequently, for practical purposes, Part 2 and Part 3 could be considered complementary to each other.

If a TRI(A) certificate for multi-pilot aeroplanes is sought, particular attention should be given to Multi-crew cooperation. If a TRI(A) certificate for single-pilot aeroplanes is sought, particular attention should be given to the duties in single-pilot operations.

The type rating theoretical knoeledge syllabus should be used to develop the TRI(A)’s teaching skills in relation to the type technical course syllabus. The course instructor should deliver example lectures from the applicable type technical syllabus and the candidate instructor should prepare and deliver lectures on topics that are selected by the course instructor from the type rating course.