This service may be particularly interest for the flight schools if you are looking for a freelance TRI C525 who can provide SFI C525 training.

Scope of SFI Cessna 525 training ✅

Flight training for issue the Synthetic flight instructor certificate SFI(A) for Cessna 525 Citation consists of relevant parts of TRI C525 training and 3 hours of additional simulator training (in case of MCCI).

Flight training for the SFI C525 is subject to FCL.930.SFI. Upon the course completion under the supervision of senior instructor, it is necessary to complete the instructor assessment of competence carried out by an experienced TRE C525 or SFE C525. The duration of the SFI assessment of competence is at least 3 hours.

SFI training can be provided by Senior TRI ⚠️

The training towards the SFI C525 instructor certificate may only be provided by an instructor authorized in accordance with FCL.905.TRI(b). It means by an instructor who has provided at least 50 hours of training as a TRI C525 or SFI C525. In previous revisions of Part FCL, it was stated that the instructor providing SFI training had to provide at least one complete type rating training course. However, this wording has been shifted in the March 2020 by the revision of the Part-FCL.

Prerequisites ✅ SFI C525

Future SFI C525 shall attend either FSTD part of the Cessna 525 type rating training course or be a holder of the C525 type rating.

Cessna 525 Citation Synthetic Flight Instructor - SFI pre shall meet FCL.915.SFI(d):

  • flown as least 500 hours as pilot-in-command in single pilot aeroplanes
  • holds or have held the instrument rating for multi-engine aeroplanes

In addition within 12 months immediately preceding the SFI certificate an applicant for SFI C525 as a pilot or observer attend at least:

  • 3 en-route sectors as a pilot on Cessna 525, or
  • 2 en-route sectors in simulator with duration of at least 2 hours between 2 airports including briefing and de-briefing

The Cessna 525 can be operated in single-pilot operation as well as in multi-pilot operation concept. To provide training for both means of operations, an SFI Cessna 525  in accordance with FCL.905.SFI (b)(1)(ii) must have completed minimum of 500 hours of flight time in multi-pilot operations and have completed an MCCI(A) training course in accordance with FCL.930.MCCI.

If the pilot holds or has held a type rating instructor certificate - TRI for multi - pilot aeroplanes - in accordance with FCL.905.SFI(b)(1)(i) he may exercise his SFI C525 privileges in multi - pilot operations.

SFI privileges to Cessna 525 Citation ✅

Privileges of synthetic flight instructor - SFI Cessna 525 are described in  FCL.905.SFI. SFI C525 can provide flight training for issue nad renewal of Cessna 525 Citation variants. In case if SFI C525 meets the FCL.905.SFI(c)(3) requirements he can provide also the MPL(A) flight training.

The equivalent of the SFI C525 Instructor Certificate is a TRI C525 Instructor Certificate restricted to simulator. So-called TRI C525 FSTD-restricted.

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