Duration of LIFUS is individual

LIFUS or line flying under supervision is regulated on different levels.

The first level or LIFUS regulation is Regulation 965/2012 - in general, it regulates the number of line sectors required to be completed within the line training. The second level is the EASA OSD for the specific aircraft type (if applicable). The OSD can adjust - usually tighten, or specify the number of route sections and the length of route training for an individual aircraft type or variant. The minimum number of route sections when transition to another variant of the same aircraft type is made may also be specified.

Regulation 965/2012 generally specifies the following number of line sections required by ORO.FC.220 for "normal" commercial air transport.





Commander course 
(same aircraft type)

10 sectors

GM1 ORO.FC.220(d)(c)(1)(ii)(B)

Commander course 
new aircraft type

20 sectors

GM1 ORO.FC.220(d)(c)(1))(ii)(A)

first OCC

40 sectors or
 100 hours

GM1 ORO.FC.220(d)(c)(1)(A)

Variant transition