If you are looking for a freelance SFI B737, this service is just for you! The service is designed for you also if you are looking for a Boeing 737 SFI instructor to perform type training.  

Boeing 737 type rating

Flight training for issue or renewal of Boeing 737 type rating is generally described in Ec 1178/2011, Part FCL. The type rating training is described further in EASA Operational Suitability Data Flight Crew for B737. The document describes furthermore the duration and conditions for issue of Boeing 737 type rating.

We cooperate with various flight schools based on the Boeing 737 variant used for the type rating training. All type rating trainings are provided in accordance with EASA standards. Most common variants for purpose of the Boeing 737 type rating are  Boeing 737NG or alternatively Boeing 737 Classic.

Following variants constituting into the single licence endorsement as B 737 300-900:


Common EASA typerating Boeing 737

Duration of Boeing 737 type rating training

Duration of Boeing 737 type rating training depends on the variant used for flight training as well as the complexity of the operation. In general, the duration of the Boeing 737 training is as follows:

  • System trainer: 12 hours
  • FFS LEVEL C: 32 hours

B737 300-900 training course

Flight training must be completed in a simulator with a minimum qualification of Level C. Subsequently, upon the type rating training course completion the skill test with TRE B737 / SFE B737 shall be done followed by so-called base training or landing training on the particular variant of Boeing 737.

Following are the training areas of special emphasis during the simulator part of the initial type rating training course:

  • auto lands
  • HUD
  • Stabilizer trim
  • Runaway stabilizer
  • Multiple flight deck alerts during non-normal conditions
  • Unreliable airspeed
  • nosewheel steering (left seat)
  • manual landing gear extension (right seat)

TRE Boeing 737