If you are looking for a freelance TRI C525, this service is just for you! The service is designed for you also if you are looking for a Cessna Citation TRI instructor to perform type training.  

Cessna 525 TRI instructor

We are authorized and certified to provide flight training towards Cessna 525 type rating on both - the simulator and directly in the aircraft. Experience gained on almost all Cessna 525 variants allows us to provide flight training on any Cessna 525 aircraft variant, including the latest Cessna 525M - M2 and Cessna 525C CJ4. We can thus provide comprehensive support to Cessna Citation operators even if a simulator is not available nor accessible for the operated variant.

If a flight simulator is not available, Cessna 525 type rating training may be provided without emergency training directly in the aircraft representing common C525 type. If a pilot has previous experience with high-performance multi-engine pressurized aircraft, the additional emergency-related flight training can be completed within the next 12 months.

Flight training should be performed using an FFS C525. This is the safest and most effective method for training critical emergency procedures (such as engine failure above V1 during take-off), as well as abnormal systems handling and repeat practice of other procedures. With a full flight simulator, the opportunity also exists to vary the environmental circumstances and provide an opportunity to exercise a variety of Crew Resource Management (CRM) issues.

If the aeroplane must be used for the type rating training, complementary training in an FSTD for all abnormal / emergency procedures, which cannot be trained on the airplane should be completed as part of the type rating training. In exceptional cases (for example, where no simulator is available) training may be performed at a later stage, but it should be completed within 12 months. In this case, the candidate should also have a background on high performance, pressurized, multi-engine turbine aircraft to ensure a basic level of knowledge and experience with specific emergency and abnormal situations.

In-Aircraft training must take into account all applicable TASE, as far as practicable.

Cessna 525 typerating is not so complicated

The flight training required to issue the Cessna 525 type rating is regulated by several regulatory standards. Depending on the variant of the C525 aircraft and on the availability of the simulator, together with an EASA Flight school we will provide type rating training in accordance with all EASA regulatory requirements.

Different means of operation of Cessna 525

Besides the operated variants of the Cessna 525 aircraft, the means of the operation is also important for the flight training. We are authorized type instructors - TRI on the Cessna 525 types for both multi-pilot operation and single-pilot operation concepts. We will adjust the type rating training to the needs of your operation and company.

Cessna 525 training schedule


The duration of Cessna 525 flight training is individual. The common regulatory framework generally determines which training tasks to be performed for a particular type of operation.

Initial C525 typerating training

The EASA Operational suitability data for the Cessna 525 series specifies the duration of the individual training tasks for single-pilot and multi-pilot operations. As an example, we present the duration of type rating training for Cessna 525M - M2 and Cessna 525B - CJ3+ variants.

Flight training is required within the following scope and duration:

  • Theoretical knowledge instruction - 37,5 hours
  • System integration -  6 hours
  • Flight training FFS (C/D): 28 hours
  • Skill test with TRE C525: 2 hours

Cessna 525 - initial typerating schedule

Cessna Citation Typerating