This service may be of interest to you if you are an airline or a private operator that has just decided to include a new variant of the Bombardier Mitsubishi CRJ series, or to introduce the Bombardier Mitsubishi CRJ series as a new type of aircraft in your fleet.

We will bring the Mitsubishi CRJ into the operation ✈️

Entry-into-service means the process of introducing a brand new type of aircraft, or a variant of the same type of aircraft, to the fleet and operation. It is very time consuming project, thus a significant resources needs to be allocated. Therefore, it is necessary to plan the entry-into-service precisely and break down the process into the details.

The introduction of the Bombardier Mitsubishi CRJ into the operation can be a big challenge for an operator who has no prior experience with a similar aircraft type. Our team consists of type instructors with extensive experience on several variants of Bombardier CL65. Therefore, we will be happy and willing to help you with entering the particular CL65 variant into the service in your airline.

We guarantee tailored-made solution that will suit your needs. The correct sequence of events is especially importantwhen it comes to Bombardier CRJ Series. It is not only about the differences between the Bombardier CRJ variants. Although these are considerable. Other important factor are the operational means such as low visibility operation or using the Head-Up Display (HUD).

Schedule of Entry-into-service Bombardier CL65

The entire Bombardier CL65 (CRJ SeriesEntry-into-Service process begins with the estimated time schedule of the entire project. We start with the revision of all manuals necessary for the operation of the given Bombardier CRJ variant. This phase requires a thorough analysis and cooperation of several people and department lialison. The operation of the particular Bombardier CL65 variant will be regulated by such documents Therefore the correct content of the manuals is essentially important for successful and efficient process.

We simply schedule and prepare the entire operational entry-into-service project so that it is efficient and effective.

If you operate or plan to operate different generations or variants of Bombardier CRJ aircraft, we will prepare a tailor-made training procedures and checking program to comply with Regulation 965/2012 and EASA Operational suitability data CRJ.

The correct setting of the documentation and manuals saves a lot of additional costs.

Subsequently, particular staff training plan is established and scheduled:

  • initial or renewal Bombardier CL65 type rating
  • differences training to particular Bombardier CL65 variant
  • checking in simulator (skill test and OPC)
  • base training
  • line training, supervised operational experience and line check
  • instructor training TRI CL65 and  examiner training TRE CL65

Depending on the desired type of operation, we also provide additional training for the special authorizations, such as:

  • ICAO CATII and CATIII approaches
  • Low visibility take-off
  • Head-Up Dispay (HGS)
  • short runway operations
  • NCC operations

As a part of entry-into-service support the operational support required for revision of internal company manuals and procedures is provided as well.

Bombardier CRJ - Entry-into-service