TRI competency-based training

The conventional type rating instructor training is a relatively long process that takes several days of both theoretical knowledge instruction and simulator training with additional technical training. FCL.930.TRI(a) specifies further the scope of TRI training. It is a combination of theoretical knowledge teaching and training in a simulator or in an airplane.

If the applicant holds a TRI - type rating instructor, a competency-based method may be used to obtain a TRI certificate for another type of aircraft. The flight school will take into account the previous experience of the TRI instructor and propose a specific training program to extend the TRI for another type. With such a competency-based approach, it is possible to significantly shorten the training of a TRI instructor for a new type. Specific hard law requirements are set out in FCL.910.TRI(b) as follows:

The privileges of TRI are restricted to the type of aeroplane in which the training and the assessment of competence were conducted. Unless otherwise determined in the OSD, to extend the privileges of TRIs to further types, TRIs shall have:

  • completed within the 12 months preceding the application, at least 15 route sectors, including take-offs and landings on the applicable aircraft type, of which of maximum of 7 sectors may be completed in an FSTD;
  • completed the relevant parts of the technical training and the flight instruction parts of the applicable TRI course;
  • passed the relevant sections of the assessment of competence in accordance with point FCL.935 in order to demonstrate to a TRE his ability to instruct a pilot to the level required for the issue of a type rating, including pre-flight, post-flight and theoretical knowledge instruction.

The privileges of TRI shall be extended to further variants in accordance with the OSD if TRI have completed the relevant parts of the technical training and flight instruction parts of the applicable TRI course.

As a result, a competency-based TRI - type rating instructor shall have the same privileges as a regular TRI obtained by the means of the conventional training method.