Entry-into service is operational support when introducing new type of an aircraft

The introduction of a new aircraft type or variant into the fleet is often a very complicated process. Such a complicated process requires often comprehensive planing and break down the events into the detailed schedule.

Practically every single department within the company is required to cooperate in the entry-into service process, but in particular:

  • dispatch and flight planing department
  • operations department and publications
  • safety department
  • compliance department
  • ground operations and handling
  • maintenance planing and continuous airworthiness management department
  • crew training and checking
  • commercial department

We focus mainly on the direct support of Cessna 525 and Bombardier CRJ operators particularly in pilot training and checking entry-into-service support.

As a result of entry-to-service schedule, the staff training plan is established and focused on:


  • initial or renewal type rating
  • differences training to particular variant
  • checking in simulator (skill test and OPC)
  • base training
  • line training, supervised operational experience and line check
  • instructor training TRI and  examiner training TRE

Depending on the expected type of operation, we also provide additional training for special operating authorizations and approvals such as:

  • approaches ICAO CATII, CATIII
  • Low visibility take-off
  • Head-Up Dispay (HGS)
  • short runway operations
  • steep approach
  • RVSM
  • PBN
  • NCC operations and many more