Base training is something you might be interested in if you are a flight school, or a operator operating the Challenger 300 & 350. If you from time to time need to do the base training with a freshly trained pilot on Challenger CL30, this is something you are looking for.

Traffic patterns with super midsize business jet...

Traffic patterns on a multi-pilot aeroplane are the essential part of the Challenger CL30 typerating flight training except the  ZFTT (Zero Flight Total Time) training type.

In accordance with ORA.ATO.125(j), typerating training consists of flight training in a full flight simulator. The simulator part of the typerating training is completed by the skill test with the TRE CL30. The base training is completed upon the completion of the simulator part of the training. As instructors with special landing training privileges for the CL30, we provide base training for Challenger 300 & 350 Series operators and in cooperation with various flight schools.

Base training duration Challenger 300 / 350 Series

Base training for Challenger CL30 (CS-25 certified aircraft) variants, consists of a minimum of 6 landings. If the pilot has flown more than 500 flight hours on aircraft of similar size and performance, the minimum number of landings may be reduced to 4. In this context, it should be noted that different aviation authorities have different opinions when it comes to reduce the number of circuits to 4. For some authorities, it is acceptable to apply this credit for e.g. Challenger 300 Series to Boeing 767 transition.

The decision what is similar and what is not lies on the aviation authority - so-called state of license issue.

Base training for Challenger CL30 is described in AMC2 ORA.ATO.125 as follows:

  • 6, respectively 4 landings
  • 1 full stop landings
  • 1 go-around

TRI for base training

The type rating instructor for Base Training flight training must hold a TRI certificate for CL30 type rating. In addition, he must hold either the so-called TRI CL30 unrestricted, or TRI CL30 certificate with base training privileges. Sometimes called as TRI CL30 restricted to landing training.