This service may be particularly interest for the flight schools if you are looking for a freelance TRI Boeing 737 who can provide SFI B737 training.

SFI Boeing 737 ✔️ training scope

Flight training for issue the Synthetic flight instructor certificate SFI(A) for Boeing 737 consists of relevant parts of TRI B737 training.

Flight training for the SFI B737 is subject to FCL.930.SFI. Upon the course completion under the supervision of senior instructor, it is necessary to complete the instructor assessment of competence carried out by an experienced TRE B737 or SFE B737. The duration of the SFI assessment of competence shall be at least 3 hours.

SFI training course can be provided by ⚠️ senior instructor only

The training towards the SFI Boeing 737 instructor certificate may only be provided by an instructor authorized in accordance with FCL.905.TRI(b). It means by an instructor who has provided at least 50 hours of training as a TRI B737 or SFI Boeing 737. In previous revisions of Part FCL, it was stated that the instructor providing SFI training had to provide at least one complete type rating training course. However, this wording has been shifted in the March 2020 by the revision of the Part-FCL.

B737 SFI requirements

Future SFI B737 shall attend either FSTD part of the type rating training course for respective Boeing 737 variant or simply be a holder of the B737 type rating endorsed in the pilot's license. In addition he holds or have held the airline transport pilot licenseATPL(A) or commercial pilot licenseCPL(A).

Boeing 737 Synthetic Flight Instructor - SFI pre shall meet FCL.915.SFI(c)(1):

  • flown at least 1 500 hours flight time as a pilot on multi-pilot aeroplanes;
  • completed, as a pilot or as an observer, within the 12 months preceding the application, at least:
    • 3 route sectors on the flight deck of the Boeing 737; or
    • 2 line-orientated flight training-based simulator sessions conducted by qualified flight crew on the flight deck of the Boeing 737 variant. These simulator sessions shall include 2 flights of at least 2 hours each between 2 different aerodromes, and the associated pre-flight planning and de-briefing;

SFI Boeing 737 privileges

Privileges of synthetic flight instructor - SFI B737 are described in FCL.905.SFI. SFI Boeing 737 can provide flight training for issue nad renewal of Boeing 737 300 - 900 variants. In case if SFI B737 meets the FCL.905.SFI(c)(3) requirements he can provide also the MPL(A) flight training. In accordance with FCL.905.SFI(c)(1) the privileges of SFI B737 are also to provide the flight instruction for applicants seek privileges to operate in multi-pilot operations, for single-pilot high-performance complex aeroplanes. This applies for the SFI who holds the instructor privileges on e.g. Cessna 525.

In addition - iaw FCL.905.SFI(c)(2), the privileges of SFI B737 are to teach the MCC(A) training course.

The equivalent of the SFI B737 Instructor Certificate is a TRI B737 Instructor Certificate restricted to simulator. So-called TRI B737 FSTD-restricted.

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