This service may be of interest to you want to obtain a TRI CL30 and you already hold a type rating instructor TRI for another type.

Issue of TRI CL30 for TRI holder

Specific requirements are laid down by Part-FCL for an applicants seeking for Type Rating InstructorTRI CL30 who are already a holders of TRI certificate or SFI certificate for any other aeroplane type. It is easier to obtain an instructor TRI certificate considering your previous experience - the so-called competency-based approach. FCL.910.TRI(b)(2) allows the flight school consider your previous experience and setup the tailored so-called competency-based training

In accordance with GM1 FCL.910.TRI(a)(2) by considering your previous experience the flight school prepares tailored flight training. The aim is to attend the relevant parts of TRI training in order to meet the learning objectives of TRI CL30 training.

TRI type extension to Challenger 300 and 350

The general requirement to become TRI CL30 is the pilot hold an airline transport pilot license ATPL(A) or a commercial pilot license CPL(A) with a valid Challenger 300 & 350 Series type rating and respective CL30 differences training. Being a holder of CPL(A) is applicable only for the holders of TRI CL30 restricted to instruction in FSTD, thus LIFUS and landing training privileges of restricted TRI holding CPL(A).

Applicant for TRI type-extension to TRI CL30 shall ✅:

  • be a holder of TRI for another type of aeroplane
  • flown at least 15 en-route sectors in variant representing Challenger 300 or 350 in last 12 months
  • meet all the requirements for TRI(MPA) iaw FCL.915.TRI(b):
    • 1500 flight hours on aeroplanes

TRI CL30 type extension ✅ training content

Due to the competency-based method, the TRI CL30 type extension flight training is always tailored to a specific pilot. In general, it can be said that Part 1 of the TRI training, so-called Teaching and learning can be fully credited towards the training requirements. Technical training and Simulator training content is based on your previous instructional and TRI-related experiencer. Upon the training completion the assessment of competence with an EASA TRE CL30 is required.

SFI CL65 to TRI CL30 extension

If you are a holder of SFI Bombardier CL30 it is possible to obtain the TRI Bombardier CL30 without necessity to attend any additional flight training, or assessment of competence. The holder of SFI CL30 will be issued with TRI CL30 restricted to FSTD provided he has completed at least 15 en-route sectors on Challenger 300 and 350 Series aeroplane in last 12 months.

Additional flying training or assessment of competence with TRE CL30 is necessary in case of TRI CL30 privilege extension as follows:

  • LIFUS privileges (additional flight training)
  • Base training privileges (additional flight training)
  • TRI CL30 restriction removal (additional checkride with TRE CL30)

TRI CL30 Privileges

The TRI CL30 type extension has the same privileges as the the TRI CL30 obtained by ab-initio means. The privileges of the instructor who obtained the TRI CL30 by the competency-based method are therefore equal.

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