The service is specifically for you if you are looking for the TRI CL30 instructor able to provide the differences training to another variant of CL30.

Differences training Challenger 300 & 350

The common license endorsement established by an EASA for purpose of the flight crew license is very simple - CL30EASA typeratings and endorsment list includes following variants of following variants constituting into the single CL30 type rating:

  • Bombardier CL30 - Challenger 300
  • Bombardier CL30 - Challenger 350

The single CL30 type rating licence endorsement does not mean that its holder of the CL30 type rating can fly on all the above variants. When transition to another variant of the CL30, it is necessary to attend the so-called differences training or familiarisation. The duration depends on the differences level described and established in the EASA Operational Suitability Data CL30 Series.

On which Challenger CL30 I can fly... ✅

Upon the completion of the type rating training course you have to pass the checkride with EASA TRE CL30 or SFE CL30. Your CL30 typerating privileges are limited to the variant on which the skill test with the CL30 examiner was performed. To fly on another variant of the Bombardier CL30, differences training is required according to the difference levels among the CL30 variants. Those difference levels are established by an EASA OSD CL30. Transitions between more complex variants of Challenger 300 Series also require partial proficiency check with EASA TRE CL30.

Bombardier CL30 - Challenger 300 & 350 variants

Differences training to another Challenger 300 or 350

Differences training to another variant depends on the differences between the particular CL30 variants.

CL30 Differences training ✅ 

Differences training is aquistion of additional experience. It means the additional flying experience is required. Since the Challenger 300 and Challenger 350 are very similar variants, the transition between the variants requires only the familiarisation.

CL30 Familiarization training ✅

Familiarization training is acquistion of additional theoretical knowledge without the necessity of attending the additional flight training. This kind of training is usually done by selfstudy means such as CBT or class room instruction for the differences identified as Level A or Level B differences.


Training Areas of Special Emphasis (TASE)

Part-FCL, FCL.710(a) and FCL.725(a) address training requirements for type rating, differences and familiarization training to include the relevant elements as defined in the operational suitability evaluation. Part-ORO, ORO.FC.145(b) addresses operator requirements to include the relevant elements as defined in the operational suitability evaluation when establishing the training programmes and syllabi.

With respect to the identified differences, it is usually necessary to complete the line training - LIFUS in commercial air transport. Its scope, duration and number of line sectors is usually always individual and is contained in the Operations Manual, Part D.


Challenger 300 & 350 differences training validity

Differences training to another Challenger CL30 variant is valid 2 years since the last flight on the particular CL30 variant. That is required by FCL.710(b). In case if you have not flown particular variant for more than 2 years, you will need an additional training.