Familiarization training is additional theoretical knowledge instruction

Unlike differences training, it is a bit easier with familiarization training.

The familiarization training requirement is described in AMC2 ORA.ATO.125(b)(1) in the case of type rating training. In addition, differences training is also addressed in AMC1 FCL.700(a) and FCL.710 with GM1 FCL.710(b).

Part of the FCL explicitly states that whenever the familiarization training is required, the additional theoretical knowledge instruction is sufficient means of the compliance. Unlike the differences training, the familiarization training does not require any additional flight training in an aircraft or FSTD (simulator).

Depending on the differences levels between the variants, it is then possible to implement familiarization training in one of the following ways, or a combination of them.


  • selfstudy
  • computer-based training
  • classroom training

Familiarization training is therefore a mandatory and legal requirement to fly another variant of the aircraft, even though the  familiarization training is not entered in the pilot's license. The completion of familiarization training is endorsed in either the pilot's logbook or stored by an operator (airline).

Examples where the familiarization training is sufficient:

  • transition from Boeing 737-400 to Boeing 737-300
  • transition from Boeing 737-800 to Boeing 737-900
  • transition from Cessna 525 CJ2 to Cessna 525 CJ2+
  • transition from Bombardier CRJ 900 to Bombardier CRJ700
  • transition from Bombardier CRJ100 to Bombardier CRJ200