Typerating renewal is provided by flight school ✅

Procedure for typerating renewal is established by hard law in FCL.740(b).

Generally, there are three steps required to renew the type rating:

  • refresh course and renewal training setup by the flight school ATO
  • attending the refresh course
  • license proficiency check with EASA TRE

To renew the validity of an expired type rating, it is necessary to seek the help from the EASA Flight schoolATO. This is followed by the completion of the refresher training in a simulator representing specific aircraft type. Upon the course completion , it is necessary to undergo the checkride with a EASA TRE type rating examiner in accordance with Annex 9, Part-FCL.

After the licence proficiency check, the type rating will be renewed and valid for another 12 months. In most cases, the type rating examiner can enter the renewed type rating directly into the license. If the type rating is not endorsed int he license anymore, the pilot's license must be reissued by the National Aviation Authority of the State of license issue..

However, some Authorities do not allow the EASA TRE to revaldiate nor to renew the validity of the typerating, so the candidate shall submit the license to the authority to be re-issued.