Challie 300 is a Pure super midsize business jet

The Challenger 300 originates from Canada and is originally designed as a pioneer of super midsize business jet category. The Challenger 300/350 is designed to provide a highly productive working environment for short- or long-distance travel.

The Challenger 300, originally known as the Continental Business Jet BD-100, is medium size trans-continental business jet from Bombardier Aerospace. Challenger 300 and 350 providing full use of the USA coast-to-coast hops as well as North Atlantic crossing capability with a generous cabin outfitted in exceptional comfort and flexibility. Aircraft is optimized for both business and pleasure.

We are TRI on Challenger 300 series ❤️

✅ Base training, LIFUS and many more

We are type rating instructors - TRI CL30 with privileges to instruct the line training and base training. It is the landing training provided just after the successful type rating skill test. For the operators we are offering the entry-into-service support for majority of the Challenger CL30 variants.

In cooperation with EASA professional flight school and simulator centers we are providing the trainings towards the Challenger CL30:

✅ Challenger 300 & 350 type rating

The type rating on the Challenger 300 is provided in a simulator representing one of the CL30 variants - it means Challenger 300 or 350Type rating training is provided by TRI for CL30. At the same time, we also provide training for the renewal of the CL30 type rating. For those interested in flying other CL30 variants, we provide differences training to Challenger 300 or Challenger 350.

✅ Instructor training for Challenger 300

We provide qualification training to obtain an instructor certificate for the Challenger 300 and 350 for both types of instructor certificates ✔️ TRI CL30 and SFI CL30. Based on close cooperation with the professional EASA flight school, we also provide competency-based training for obtaining the TRI CL30 by using the TRI type extension means.