Four generations of Boeing 737

The Boeing 737 has been around for four generations. The latest one the Boeing 737 MAX has become the most infamous in the media. The development of the B737 MAX was preceded by the commercially successful Boeing 737NG generation. On the other hand the classic generation - the so-called Boeing 737 Classic was a pioneer of turbofan engines. A direct competitor of the Boeing 737 is currently the Airbus A320 Family which is a generation younger concept of an airliner jet. With more than 10,700 units produced, the Boeing 737 is historically the most successful airliner in aviation history. In Europe, it is most often seen in the color of Ryanair or Transavia. However, airlines from Lufthansa Group, British Airways or Scandinavian have also enjoyed its popularity and reliability in the past.

Boeing 737 - type rating instructor

We are instructors on Boeing 737 ❤️

In cooperation with EASA professional flight school and simulator centers we are providing the trainings towards the Boeing 737 generations:

✅ Boeing 737 type rating

The type rating on the Boeing 737 is provided in a simulator representing one of the B737 variants. The most common Boeing 737 variants are Boeing 737 Classic, Boeing 737 Next Generation, or Boeing 737 MAX. Type rating training is provided by SFI on B737. At the same time, we also provide training for the renewal of the B737 type rating. For those interested in flying other B737 variants, we provide differences training to other variants of Boeing 737.

✅ Instructor training for Boeing 737

We provide qualification training to obtain an instructor certificate for the Boeing 737 for both types of instructor certificates ✔️ TRI B737 and SFI B737. Based on close cooperation with the professional EASA flight school, we also provide competency-based training for obtaining the TRI B737 by using the TRI type extension means.

Boeing 737 typerating